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A Will is a legal declaration made by a person which names an individual or individuals to manage his or her estate once they die, and states how they want their property to be distributed at death.  We have experience in preparing simple wills and more complex wills.  Here at Marie G.  Michaels & Associates we will work with you to address all your goals and concerns with respect to your estate.  We also provide simple estate planning techniques as well as advice on considerations that may never have crossed your mind when you thought about making a Will.

A Will can only operate once you have died.  But, a power of attorney is the legal document which allows someone to act on your behalf if you are no longer able to make decisions about your own health care or property while still alive but, for example, in a coma or suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s or are otherwise medically unable to make your own decisions or give instructions on your own behalf.

There are two different types of Powers of Attorney – one for health and one for property.

The Power of Attorney for Personal Care is a document which gives someone the right to make decisions concerning your health when you are unable to make those decisions on your own.  A Power of Attorney for Property gives someone the right to act on your behalf with respect to your property, including your banking and if necessary making decisions concerning real estate.  A Power of Attorney can also contain a type of living will, including a “Do Not Resuscitate” clause or “no heroic measures” clause.

Powers of Attorney offer an individual peace of mind in knowing that their interest while they are alive will be looked out for when they are no longer able to make decisions themselves.

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