We stand up for you when it seems impossible to stand up for yourself

~ M. G. Michaels

Family Law, Real Estate, Wills & Estates, and Guardianship Lawyers

We are a team of lawyers, articling students (lawyers-in-training), law clerks and support staff, within a multi-discipline firm practicing in various services as expanded from the exclusive family law and divorce services provided for most of the first twenty (20) years of operations in the Durham Region.  Our expanded services include the extraordinary field of Collaborative Family Law, Wills & Estates, as well as Guardianship, and Real Estate.

Clear the Storm

We see through the mess, organize and compartmentalize your legal issues, seek to resolve the resolvable, litigate as necessary, and ensure that your rights and protection are maintained.  In short, we 'clear the storm'.

Begin Again

We get you on the new beginnings pathway.  While every situation is always different, without treating you with 'cookie-cutter' solutions or views, we help you to set a fresh course towards a positive new direction.

Never Feel Alone

We are with you to act and guide you throughout difficult times and through the complex 'red tape' that is the legal process.  We are a team of experienced professionals ready to assure that 'you are never alone' in this.


Professing experience involves more than a length of time.  True experience requires extensive exposure to various challenging situations.  Experience is about more than just trying something once.  The experienced are refined.


Legal matters can become heated, increasingly costly, financially and emotionally, if issues are poorly managed.  Among many things, integrity involves keeping focus to ensure that, where possible, relations remain manageable.


By the time you need legal help, you are already going through a lot.  You need, want, and deserve, more than just the completion of paperwork and the meeting of deadlines.  You foremost need understanding and respect.

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