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For the child with an absentee biological parent, being adopted by the other parent’s long–term partner, one who has helped to raise the child and acted like the other parent for most of the child’s life, can have a dramatic and positive effect.  The adoption can create a strong and weighty sense of belonging, stability, and love, all important pieces of developing into a well-balanced, happy and healthy adult.  The adoption ultimately creates a legal bond to match the already existing emotional bond.

For the parent who is giving up his or her legal rights to a child, this may be a difficult decision.  To better assist a parent who is considering termination of his or her own parental rights, we provide cost-effective Independent Legal Advice (ILA) in a nonjudgmental, empathetic and compassionate environment.  We will provide information on the process and how the decision would affect current and future rights regarding the child(ren).

Examples of various other forms and processes of adoption are:

  • The public and private adoption
  • The step-parent adoptions and extended family adoptions
  • The non-relative adoptions
  • The litigation for contested adoptions
  • The co-ordination of Independent Legal Advise (ILA) for adoptions that require it, such as those involving stepparents adopting children over 12
  • The biological parents terminating their parental rights

Regardless of the circumstances around the child’s adoption, with our expertise, we are prepared to guide you through the process.

Adoption is the permanent legal transfer of all parental rights from a biological parent to another person.  Adoptions create legal rights and obligations that would not likely exist but for the adoption, and it is important for all of the adults and children involved to understand how they will be affected.

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