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Stephanie L. Feld, J.D.

Stephanie attended Western University Law School in London, Ontario and was called to the Ontario Bar in 2017 and the Saskatchewan Bar in 2018.  After practicing law in Saskatchewan for nearly two years, Stephanie decided to return home to the Greater Toronto Area to continue family law and estate law practice in the Durham Region area.

Stephanie is a passionate and dedicated lawyer who always strives to resolve client disputes in the most efficient manner possible.  Stephanie work diligently to pursue and create unique, fair, and final, settlements.  However, Stephanie also understands that settlement does not work for every case; and accordingly, Stephanie is an effective and zealous advocate in the courtroom when it is necessary to argue for the rights of the client.

Whether solving disputes by negotiation or litigation, Stephanie always ensures the approach is centered on the individual needs of each client. Stephanie understands that navigating the legal system is often difficult, frustrating, and emotionally draining, for clients.  Stephanie sets herself apart by being available to answer questions from clients and by being an honest supporter for the cause of each client.

Stephanie is also experienced in creating trusts, drafting wills and powers of attorney, to ensure that the wishes of clients are met after death and that surviving family members of each client are protected.  When necessary, Stephanie has drafted emergency wills and attended at hospitals and nursing homes to ensure that the job gets done.

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