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A Financial Coach or Certified Divorce Financial Analyst is the part of your divorce team tasked with helping you understand your financial picture now and in the future.

Each family has very unique requirements and goals for the future.  When you are separating there are many things to think about and emotions can often get in the way.  Having access to a financial expert can help you explore your settlement options, create a financial framework for your separation and ensure you are prepared to deal with your lawyer or your ex’s lawyer.

Because our Financial Coach is also a Qualified Mediator, she is able to assist separating couples in negotiating and resolving many different types of disputes.

Many people have trouble sorting out the financial aspects of their breakup, you are not alone.  Common initial questions include:

  • Where do I start?
  • Should I keep the house?
  • How do I complete my Financial Disclosure?
  • Will I have enough money to live on?

If you are unrepresented, as many people are these days, you should still be professional and be prepared to communicate with your ex-partner and/or lawyer.  If you are represented by a lawyer there is an opportunity for you to save money and be prepared to help your lawyer create the best financial game plan for you.

Certified Divorce Financial Analysts don’t just deliver financials, they deliver RESULTS!

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