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The prospect of going to court can be daunting and worrisome.  Not knowing what to expect of the divorce process and not knowing the likely outcome, can even be scary for some.  Marie G. Michaels & Associates’ vast litigation experience puts you in the best position throughout the complete court process.  From the start of your family law related matters, all the way through to completion, we are committed to ensuring that our clients’ interests are understood and protected, while always maintaining the highest standard of professionalism.

As your family court case progresses, we will clearly explain each step and keep you fully informed.

If you need to start or defend a family court case for custody, access, support, property division or a restraining order, the lawyers at Marie G.  Michaels & Associates will provide you with excellent legal representation.

If the Family Responsibility Office is threatening to suspend your driver’s license or passport, we assist you with a Refraining Order.

If you are separating from a common law relationship, in addition to helping you resolve any custody and access issues, we can assist you with any claims you may have against your former common law spouse such as division of property or finances, spousal support, or child support.

This is one of the most complex areas of family law, and we urge you to not to try to settle it without seeing one of the lawyers at Marie G. Michaels & Associates.

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