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Shoshannah Wagenberg

Shoshannah is the law clerk working in the areas of Family Law, Wills and Estates.

Shoshannah has over 25 years of experience as an administrative and legal assistant as well as a law clerk.  She has worked for some of the top Bay Street firms.  Shoshannah joined Marie G.  Michaels & Associates in 2018 as the administrative assistant/office manager.  In May of 2019, Shoshannah accepted the position of law clerk.  She is the liason between our clients and their lawyer.  Her duties include preparation of all court documents; maintaining the calendar of court dates and ensuring all necessary court filings are done; preparation of uncontested divorces; drafting of wills and powers of attorney; preparation of all documents necessary to file estate documents with the Court.

Shoshannah is also well versed in corporate law and is able to assist in simple incorporations, preparation of corporate documents required for real estate transactions as well as annual minute book updates and corporate filings.

Shoshannah celebrated her 1 year anniversary with the firm on April 25, 2019 and has already made herself an invaluable member of the Marie G.  Michaels & Associates team!

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